3 Benefits Of Using A Bidet

If you’ve ever seen a toilet with a bidet before, you may have wondered why someone might use this and what the benefits might be. But when you think about it, cleaning something with water is often a better way to get something clean than just wiping it off. This same reasoning applies to bidets. So if you haven’t used a bidet before, here are some of the benefits and reasons why you might want to install one in your bathroom at home.

Better Clean Your Bottom

As was mentioned above, when you clean something using water, it will usually get a better cleaning than if you simply wiped it off. So when you use a bidet, there’s a greater likelihood that you’ll get your bottom cleaner after using the toilet than you would if you just used toilet paper or even a flushable wipe to get things clean. 

Bidets can be used both for urinating and evacuating your bowels. As the water shoots toward you, it can give you a better clean and reduce the amount of bacteria in the area, which proves that you get a better clean when using a bidet properly. This can help you not only feel cleaner, but can also help reduce the chances of you getting toilet-related infections. 

More Hygenic For Your Hands

In addition to using a bidet being more hygienic for your undercarriage, it is also a more hygienic way to use your hands when you’re going to the bathroom. 

Without a bidet, you’re forced to put your hand into the toilet bowl and clean yourself by hand. This increases your chances of getting toilet water or excrement on your hands. And while you can and should wash your hands using soap and water after every visit you make to the bathroom, you’ll have less bacteria to worry about if you haven’t used your hands to do the cleaning. 

Water Is Softer On Your Skin

Aside from the hygiene aspect of using a bidet, using water to help clean up after using the bathroom can just be a much more pleasant experience for your body.

Unfortunately, when you use toilet paper to wipe yourself after going to the bathroom, the paper can cause tiny tears in your skin. This can not only make it painful to wipe more later on in the day, but can cause you other discomfort and potential health issues. But when you use the water from a bidet to clean yourself, the water won’t cut or tear at your skin in the same way. This can help reduce things like hemorrhoids and fissures.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a bidet installed in your home, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you see just how beneficial this decision could be. 

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