3 Jobs That Are Hard On The Body

There are so many different job possibilities out there depending on your skill levels and desires. Some people choose their career based on what they love doing, while others choose something they are good at or something they know they will be able to make a lot of money doing. Other people may pick a job based on its flexibility or the fact that it allows them to travel. 

Another thing you need to consider when deciding whether or not to accept a job is occupational health. Some jobs will be much harder on your body than others, and it is good for you to stay informed and know the risks. So here are 3 jobs that can be very hard on the body.


Construction work can be considered dangerous because of the many occupational hazards. Accidents can happen due to malfunctioning equipment, falls from extreme heights, electrical issues, and myriad other things. In addition to this, the long hours and heavy lifting can also take a slower toll on your body that could force you to retire early. Although construction jobs can be very high paying, and you’ll no doubt have the means to cover living in an assisted living community, you don’t want the job you choose to end up deteriorating your body prematurely. 

Service Industry

This one may not be as obvious as some others, but a lifelong career in the service industry can really take its toll on your body. Long hours, few breaks, and so much time on your feet can exasperate any injuries you may have or cause new ones. 

Sciatica, herniated discs, and things like that are quite common in people who work in bars, restaurants, and hotels. Plus, serving others all the time can get mentally exhausting. Make sure to think about these things before taking a job in the service industry.


It may seem a little ironic, but working within the medical industry can definitely be hard on the body in many ways. Depending on where you work, there can be emergency situations (such as the recent pandemic) that will force you to work long hours with few or no days off. 

Not only is this bad for you physically as it causes you to lose sleep and puts more pressure on your joints from being on your feet all day, it also can be very difficult mentally. The things you will see may make it hard to continue to work, and some can scar you for life. You must make sure you are ready for this before you enter a job in medicine. 

There is a lot to consider when deciding what type of job you want to do. It can be a stressful decision. But remember to think beyond just passion and pay and consider the effects a job can have on your body before you commit to anything! 

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