5 Reasons to Learn MMA

If you are a fit and active person who is in good health and looking for a challenge in your life, you should consider taking up mixed martial arts, which is exploding in popularity in all parts of the world. The UFC is the organisation that is credited with the sudden popularity of MMA across the world, yet there are other organisations, such as Bellator and One Championship, which mainly covers Asia.

Why is MMA gaining such popularity among many societies?

Here are some of the reasons people train MMA.

  1. Self-defence – We live in a violent world and it is a good idea to learn about grappling, striking and disarming techniques and mixed martial arts can certainly help you defend yourself from attack. One of the core basics is blocking punches and kicks, plus you develop a good ground game and that can help you with an assailant.
  2. Total body workout – When you train at a top MMA camp in Bangkok (known as แคมป์ เอ็มเอ็มเอ กรุงเทพ in Thai), this involves developing all muscle groups. Trom the ankles to the neck, your body is toned and able to withstand heavy contact and many of those who train in MMA never actually compete, they only want the high level of fitness that training brings.
  3. Develop confidence – Almost all who train in MMA say that the sport gives them a high degree of self-confidence and who are we to argue? Having a good level of fitness will make you feel better about yourself, plus you know you have the skills to defend yourself if attacked.
  4. The competition – This can be addictive and it is perfectly natural to want to win a fight; after a 6-9 month training period, you could have your first amateur fight in the cage; a lot would depend on your coach and their assessment of you as a fighter.
  5. The challenge – It is very intense if you get into a full-on MM training regime, yet the great thing about the sport is that people of all ages and backgrounds attend and yes, it is tough, but that is part of the appeal. Of course, your classes are structured and you need to start gradually, increasing the intensity as you become fitter.

If you would like to learn more about MMA training, Google can take you to a local MMA gym and you can pay them a visit one early evening, when the place is buzzing.

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