Important Things that First-Time Vapers should Remember

If you are ready to vape, you might think that you just purchase some kit, power it up with your preferred vape juice and you are ready to enjoy the clouds. But, while vaping is not complicated, there are things you must know about to avoid accidents or embarrassments. These include the following:

Electronic Cigarettes Come in Different kinds

Although some people may call all devices vapes or electronic cigarettes, these products are categorized based on certain distinctions. For instance, disposable e-cigarettes are usually available from gas stations but they are not quite as powerful as their reusable counterparts. For most people, pen mods and cigalikes are not satisfying. Your vaping experience tends to get more fun when you go beyond the use of vape mod. These are larger devices that offer bigger clouds and allow you to change the hardware, temperature output or wattage to suit your preferences.

Moreover, electronic cigarettes also differ in terms of how you want to enjoy your vape. You will want to pick between mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung devices. With these devices, you may need to inhale slightly differently.

Vaping For the First Time May Make you Cough a Bit

A lot of new vapers admit to coughing the first time they tried it. But, this is usually just a temporary effect. Coughing might be due to sensitivity to propylene glycol or a failure to use the correct technique. Keep in mind that a lot of people develop a cough once they stop smoking and your cough might not be related to vaping.

Nicotine Strength Varies

Together with flavor, nicotine strength must be one of the major considerations in terms of picking electronic liquid. It refers to the amount of nicotine per milliliter of juice. If you used to smoke cigarettes before, it’s important to judge nicotine strength based on how much you smoked. Those who are non-smokers and want to start vaping must pick 0 mg/ml of e-liquid. If you are a light smoker, try 3mg/ml. Regular smokers may try 6mg/ml while heavy smokers will want to try 12-18 mg/ml of vape juice.

Understand Vape Juice Ingredients

Ingredients in most vape juice include vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG). Every vape juice bottle has a PG/VG ratio that impacts the flavor and thickness of vape juice. PC delivers a sharper throat hit craved by former smokers while VG has less nicotine in them and is thicker than PG.

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