Planning A Romantic Spa Gateway – Easy Guide To Help You Out

Romantic spa gateways can be a blissful and enriching experience. Needless to say, the spa relieves tension and stress. Hence, nothing can be more romantic if you can plan a romantic spa gateway. You can either plan it at a day spa or even at a nearby resort.

These days, most of the couples plan for a resort spa or full-day spa option. Not only does it takes them away from the humdrum urban life, but it also deepens their bond. Quality time spent during the spa can also elevate your senses. There are a lot of resorts which claim in providing the best experience but you must be fully aware of the facilities to plan a perfect romance.

Massage sessions

Needless to say, couples massage sessions mean spa treatment at the same time. Have a look at the rooms to check if they are spacious enough. Two masseurs give massages at the same time. However, since this is duet massages, usually the same type of massages are given to both the individuals. One of you can opt for a different massage type.

The center should have such facilities to give you an enriching experience. If you are opting for couple’s spa sessions in Canada, you can choose spa Nordique Québec. This Nordic spa considers hot and cold cycles it claims to improve skin health and sleeping cycle.

Co-ed waiting area

Most of the spas have co-ed waiting lounge where you can be with your partner before and after changing the spa robes. This can be a great experience during winter. If the waiting areas are different then you may not bond with your loved ones and spent quality time. Most of the well-known spa resorts also have a jacuzzi or a swimming pool in the waiting area. Hence you can take a dip while you are waiting for your session.

Couple suite

To have 360-degree experience and get the most out of couples massage, you should take a couples suite. Couples’ suits are provided to the duos for spending time in the private. These suites are power-packed with fireplace, massage chairs, pedicure and manicure stations with lounging beds. These rooms can be both indoor or with glass surrounding to enjoy the tranquility of nature. In smaller day spa, these facilities are available as large spa treatment rooms for couples.

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