Staying Healthy While Living In Bangkok

When you live in Bangkok, it is easy to start living unhealthy with so much temptation in the way of delicious foods and places to drink and party. However, you will want to stay healthy, take excellent care of your health, have an annual check-up at a hospital, eat healthily, and do not consume too much alcohol. You can still go out and have fun but limiting your consumption will help keep you fit and healthy and make you feel much better. Below are some tips to help you live a healthy life in the Big Mango and still ensure you have lots of fun.

Cook Food At Home

It is easy to get drawn into going out to eat most nights as there is so much delicious food in Thailand. However, eating out all the time is unhealthy, and you will want to start cooking at home to help improve your diet. You can control what is put in your meal, ensure you cook it healthily, and enjoy delicious food cooked at home. You can still go out for food occasionally and treat yourself and reducing takeaways and restaurant food can help make you healthier.

Exercise More

It is also easy to get lazy when living in Bangkok as it is so hot, and you get into the habit of taking the easiest route. However, avoiding the BTS or MRT and walking the one station distance you are going to will help keep you moving and give you the exercise your body needs. There are plenty of green spaces where you can go running or walking, a 23.5km cycling track at Suvarnabhumi Airport you can go to, and plenty of air-conditioned gyms throughout the city.

Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption

You will find that when you are not going out as much after work, you will also reduce your alcohol consumption, which is better for your health. You can still have a drink at weekends but avoiding drinking so many days a week can help you lose weight and feel much better about your body.

Get Checked Up By Your Doctor

You will also want to ensure that you get an annual check-up at your preferred clinic or hospital, which can help catch many illnesses early and receive more effective treatment. You may have the cost of this covered by your medical insurance, but it is also relatively affordable to have done in one of the many excellent hospitals Bangkok has to offer. You will receive fantastic treatment from highly qualified doctors and get your results quickly.

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